Passenger is a small literary magazine, a space to explore the prosaic aspects of our lives and capture the stories that inhabit them, whether real or imagined. This magazine was founded by writers who live and work in and around the District of Columbia, but it supports working writers everywhere. Each day, we are swept along the commuter tide—rushing to beat traffic, to catch trains—and we retreat by the same current each night. It can often feel like we are passengers in our own lives, despite the many opportunities provided by the District. 

Passenger is a reminder that we are all on the same train. It celebrates all writers who struggle with finding time to write after a long day—finishing meetings at the office, juggling odd jobs, remembering to write this memo or that email, pay rent, call mom. We invite you to share writing that speaks to how you see the world, writing that gives you pause in your daily life. Remind us to listen to our fellow passengers. Remind us that we can get off at any stop, change course at any time.

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Banner Artwork by bloodworld. View of the District from Arlington, VA.